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Since its introduction in 2017, Common Ground has grown continuously and earned an honour in 2019 for Best Coworking Space in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. There are four main products and solutions offered: private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, and virtual address for business office. Common Ground has current places in Malaysia, Thailand, and also the Philippines.

There are various advantages of working in a coworking space, especially being a freelance worker or a young business owner just beginning! Rather than just working from your home and being stuck inside constantly, a coworking space can put you in the right mentality for working, and can even boost your production.

Common Ground’s private places of work come many incentives- space is break away the fixed desks, and also the office itself is often accessed 24/7, and locked for additional safeness. A free of charge 12 hours is extensive available of our meeting rooms. Printing extras include 500 pages of black & white printing or 100 pages of colour printing.

Common Ground

Being able to greet prospects in a professional work place is vital, which is why renting an office space could be a great choice for business people just getting off the ground. Sharing a workplace with assorted companies and people can also be good for network, and you will even get new business from this!

Get special, members-only special discounts to all our occasions with the Common Ground fixed desk deal. The deal also contains 24/7 access to your chosen fixed desk place, and a appreciation 5 hours entry to our meeting areas. We present discounted international calls if needed as well.

Continually on the move with no time for a real office? Consider utilizing Common Ground’s virtual office package! Together with the virtual office, you will get a business address, mail handling, and special lower rates on desks and meeting rooms at any one our locations. We also present you with your own personal business residential number over the Hello CG app!

Join the Common Ground community now! We have a lot of the fixed desk, private office, and office rental on the website. You can even join a free of charge tour and experience at any one our locations- just pay a visit to the online booking form to prepare one today! Head over to to find out more about virtual address for business.